Tips for Writing Great Website Content

Tips for Writing Great Website Content

Write for the Right Audience

It’s important to remember who will be reading your content. Make sure your content answers your audience’s questions. Think about what your audience would want to know about your business and include that information. You should also keep in mind your audience’s level of knowledge about your business. Try to avoid any technical terms that aren’t common knowledge.

Focus on How Your Services or Product Solve a Problem

Sure, it is great to list out features you offer in a healthy sized list. Though, your customer might not immediately see how those features directly benefit them. When you write content about your service or product – try to answer how it will solve your target audience’s problem. If you have a list of features, consider adding a short description next to the items explaining their benefits.

Write Structured, Scannable Content

This is incredibly important in website design! You only have seconds to retain someones attention and lead them to information they’re looking for. When writing your content, try writing in a way that’s easily scannable. Use headings to break up specific thoughts with the concisely written paragraph text below. This will help your audience find information that’s important to them quickly. You can also enhance your paragraph text by using bold and italics to highlight information most relevant. Notice on this article, my blog title is at the very top which is a Heading 1. Then each sub-topic is given a Heading 2 with more descriptive paragraph text falling underneath.

Example Format for Writing in Your Content:
Heading 1 (Page Title): Maine Coon Cats

Heading 2: Origin
Paragraph text: There are several hypotheses about the origins of this species. One is that they derived from mating domestic cats and wild bobcats. This would explain the long tufts of hair at the tips of their ears. Another is that they are a version of the Norwegian forest cat, as they are very similar in appearance…

Heading 2: Characteristics
Paragraph text: Commonly referred to as the gentle giant of cats, this breed is particularly affectionate and sweet-tempered. Additionally, they are a highly active breed. Make sure that they will have room to run around and play. Not only are they playful, but they are intelligent. It is possible to teach your Maine Coon to play fetch using small cat toy or rolling up small pieces of paper…

Write Simplistically

Keep your writing simple, and easy to digest. Try to write short concise information and avoid run-on sentences. It’s best to keep your text understandable to the average person.

Write Enough Content, But Not an Overwhelming Amount

I have seen instances where people aren’t sure what to write, so their website lacks the valuable information that their audience needs. If you’re having a hard time getting started, I suggest looking at websites with a similar topic to get an idea (If you do this, make sure you do not copyright their information!). I suggest trying to write at least 400 words for each primary page.

Content length can be a fine line – you don’t want to write too much content per page. When someone views your website, they don’t want to see a seemingly endless scrolling page. Remember, you want to be concise. I suggest keeping each page length no more than 1000 words. If you have written as concisely as you think is possible, but your page is significantly longer than 1000 words – consider breaking that page up into subpages. It’s likely you have a few different topics that can be broken out. You can even link to those pages from the main page, so if your audience wants to learn more – they can.

Use Calls to Action

These are important for accomplishing your website goals! Use buttons or links that direct people to where they can make an action. You could consider adding the action item on the pages themselves. For example, if you want someone to easily sign-up for something, make sure the form is on each page. This way the form is ready for when the user is ready to take action.

An example of indicating this in your content document:
Sign-up to recieve our monthly email list! [button that links to sign-up form here]

Linking to Other Pages Within Your Website

This will help keep your audience engaged and moving throughout the different pages on your website. Not only is this a great user experience, but it can help your SEO.

A tip for accomplishing this is adding your link to the text that describes what the page is about. Don’t simply add a link to text that reads ‘Click Here’.

Example of writing this in your content document:
I take pride in providing high-quality web design [link text to web design page], graphic design [link text to graphic design page], and photography [link text to photography page] with an emphasis on giving you a personalized client experience.

Lastly, Do not plagiarize!

Even if you see a competitor describe your service or product perfectly, this description needs to be in your own words. Not only is it a bad business practice, but it is bad for SEO.


I hope these tips help you think about how you can write your most effective content. If you are still struggling in this content writing process and don’t know where to begin, I would consider hiring a copyrighter. I have built local referrals that can help you effectively communicate with your target audience. Lastly, if you are client reading this but have more questions, contact me!