Sound Pine Farm E-Commerce Website Design

Sound Pine Farm E-Commerce Website Design

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Website Design

Sound Pine Farm is a free choice Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) growing off an Atlantic cove in Brunswick, Maine. They grow their vegetables by relying on cultivating a healthy farm ecosystem without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. They do this by applying organic compost, providing a natural habitat for beneficial organisms, cover cropping, and crop rotation. Sound Pine Farm is 100% woman powered.

You better believe if I lived in Brunswick, this is where I’d be getting my vegetables from! What more could you ask for than organically grown vegetables?

What Was Done

This was a completely new website project with no pre-existing website. The primary reasons Sound Pine Farm reached out for a website was to:

  • Have a professional website to represent their new business.
  • Educate potential customers about their CSA farm.
  • Allow people to sign up and pay for a share.
  • Provide multiple payment plans for a share.
  • Incorporate a blog where they can add recipes using ingredients from their farm.

Sound Pine Farm was looking for a fairly simple website that was easy to use for a target audience age of 20+. We made sure to use an easy to read font and ensured the text would be large enough for the older audiences. Sound Pine Farm wanted to incorporate a cool, neutral color scheme. We used dark blue, white, and black throughout the site. They wanted to focus on using lots of imagery to brighten up the pages. Lastly, they wanted to avoid endless scrolling pages, so I made sure to arrange their content accordingly.

CSA-Website-Montana-573x1024 Sound Pine Farm E-Commerce Website Design
E-Commerce-Farm-Website-Montana-573x1024 Sound Pine Farm E-Commerce Website Design
Farm-Website-Montana-573x1024 Sound Pine Farm E-Commerce Website Design