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BioSqueeze_Technology-Company_website-design-1024x567 BioSqueeze®

BioSqueeze® focuses on applying our proprietary biomineralization technology in the Oil and Gas industry to eliminate gas leaks traveling through cracks and micro-annuli behind well casing, a problem not previously solved by other technologies. BioSqueeze® is actively investigating other opportunities for applications of biomineralization in the Petroleum Industry, including enhanced oil recovery and sand control.

Project Scope

BioSqueeze® needed a website presence to share with potential clients and present their products professionally.
This case study consisted of:

Website Design

Website Design Goals

  • Look like a legitimate business.
  • Provide an online resource for potential clients to find their technology.
  • Offer a point of contact for clients.
  • Build awareness for the brand.

This website design project focused on providing information about BioSqueeze® technology in a professional way. In addition, BioSqueeze® wanted to display successful case studies that support the value of their technology. We made sure to integrated calls-to-action which direct users to where they can speak with BioSqueeze® engineers for further information.

BioSqueeze-mobile-website-view BioSqueeze®
Website-Design_Technology-Company_Butte_Montana BioSqueeze®
Technology-Website-Design_Butte_Montana BioSqueeze®


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