Backyard Montana

Web Design + Graphic Design

Backyard Montana is focused on helping users find hiking trails in Southwest Montana. They additionally focus on educating users how to stay safe on the trails, include helpful outdoor recreation tips, and are working on building a Montana outdoor community. The idea for Backyard Montana came after realizing the need for more easily accessible online recreational trail info in Montana. Montana has an abundance of breath taking trails, but there hasn’t been much written about them online. The core feature of this website is an interactive trail map.

Project Scope

The Backyard Montana did not have any pre-existing materials prior to this project.
This case study consisted of:

Logo Design

Web Design

Graphic Design

Project Goals

The primary reasons the Backyard Montana needed website design work done was to:

  • Provide a map feature where people can find nearby hikes.
  • Provide hike details to help users determine what hike they want to do.
  • Become a source to educate people on safety and preparation in their outdoor adventures.
  • Overall boost in outdoor recreation to Southwest Montana (and hopefully beyond this region).

The website is focused on introducing people to Montana’s abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. The colors are bright and colorful to help initiate excitement. A playful font and custom illustrations were used to make this website have a fun feel. The map feature includes several relevant hiking filters where users can sort by mileage, difficulty, and vehicle clearance. These filters would be helpful in deciding which hike to select and know what the trailhead access requires. Each location has a quick stats section, high-resolution images, and a short trail description.

backyard-montana_website-design-497x1024 Backyard Montana

Logo & Graphic Design Work

The images in the slideshow display:

  1. Custom illustrations to use throughout website.
  2. A simple logo featuring a hand drawn sketch.
  3. Website design.
custom-graphic-design_website-graphics-outdoor-rec Backyard Montana


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