I get a lot of questions when clients first come to me regarding my web design process. I decided it would be helpful to write a blog article about my process to help people understand what the steps are to building a website. Starting from the first phase, where I receive your content, to the website launch and training.

Initial Meeting & Consultation

Once you’ve reached out to me through my contact form, email or by phone I will try to schedule our initial meeting and consultation. We can have this meeting over the phone or in Butte. During our meeting I will ask you some questions about your business and learn what your goals are for your website project. I will also ask questions to see what kind of functionality you’ll need.

Project Scope & Proposal

After I get an understanding of your business and what you are looking for in your website, I will scope your project and send you a proposal. The proposal will list out the functionality you require and list features included for your project. At the end it will include payment and contract terms.

Once I receive the signed proposal, I will send you an onboarding packet and link to your website project folder. Then the real fun begins! 🙂

PHASE 1: Receive Content Assets

These are the items I will need before I can start designing:

  1. Any brand guidelines you have. Not all businesses have brand guidelines or a style guide, but if you do please share this with me!
  2. Logo files. I will need your logo to use for your website and brand recognition. If you have the original design files, I will want those. Those file types usually end in .eps, .ai, or .pdf.
  3. Images. This is optional, but if you have images you specifically want to use for the website – please upload them to the folder I sent with your onboarding packet. Otherwise I will use stock photography.
  4. Copywriting. First, I wanted to mention all of my website projects are quoted assuming that you will be writing your own website content. If this is something that you will want help with – let me know. I put together an article to help you write great website content. I also have some great copywriting references I’m happy to share with you!
  5. Sitemap. This is how your website navigation menu will be organized. If you are unsure what this is I can help work through this with you.
    Here is an example sitemap, basically I just would like to know the hierarchy of your pages:example-sitemap-graphic My Web Design Process
  6. Business Tagline. If you have one, please send that to me.

PHASE 2: Mock-up Design and Revisions

After I’ve received your content assets, I can begin your website’s homepage mockup! I’ll review your content and combine it with all the info you’ve shared with me about your business. The creative gears will start to churn and I will design your homepage mockup. I’ll share this with you and explain my design decisions. I only share the homepage, because the rest of the website will follow the same design style. We will work through your scoped revision rounds until we get the design and messaging the way you want.

PHASE 3: Full Website Design/Development and Revisions

This is the longest phase out of the project – because I will meticulously design and build your website tailored to your business preferences. I will structure your content making it visually attractive and easy to digest. In this phase, I also run my responsive testing. That means I make sure everything looks good on mobile devices (phones and tablets) and most common browser types (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc). We will work through revisions you have after my initial website reveal to you.

PHASE 4: Testing

Once the revisions are completed – I need to test your website and run my last set of quality checks. I’ll test out any of your scoped functionality items and make sure your contact form works properly.

PHASE 5: Launch

Woohoo! This is a great phase. Here is when we make the switch and your website is LIVE. You can share your new website and let your audience start interacting with it!

PHASE 6: Training

I offer website training in all my packages. I’ll go over how to run your website updates, make simple edits, and additions. I’ll ask you to come with any questions or specific how-to’s you would like to learn as well.

I really want you to be successful and confident in managing your website on your own. I will share YouTube how-to videos as a reminder for how to make these edits and additions. I am also happy to answer questions you have about your website. However, if you are uncomfortable maintaining your own website – I am happy to help out. You can contact me about support/maintenance packages or ask for help at my hourly rate!