Mountain Sage Herbals E-Commerce Website Design

Mountain Sage Herbals E-Commerce Website Design

Mountain-Sage-Herbals_Website-Design Mountain Sage Herbals E-Commerce Website Design

Complete Website Re-Design

Mountain Sage Herbals is an FDA approved certified organic herbal company. They focus on using ethically wildcrafted herbs as a remedy for some common ailments. The owner, Kimberly, has extensive medical experience as a physicians assistant in the civilian sector and serving in the Army Reserve.

Considering today’s issues with overprescribing antibiotics for minor ailments, I loved Kimberly’s mission behind her business.

What Was Done

The original site was built using Wix. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a screenshot of the old website to show a before and after image. The primary reasons Kimberly reached out for a website redesign was to:

  • Fix responsive issues on her current site.
  • Improve overall website usability.
  • Add filtering to her shop for better product sorting.
  • Add an intake form where customers can fill out and request consultation services.
  • Have better customer service regarding her website platform.

We focused on working together in developing a website that accurately represented her brand. I used graphics from her logo and others that had a similar design style. By using these graphics throughout the site, customers should easily see and recognize her brand. Kimberly wanted to incorporate an autumn color scheme using green, white, and orange which are throughout the site. Circles are a common shape within her branding and packaging, so I implemented circle product images to reflect this. Her design preference was looking to have a more sedate, grown-up feel – with references to old-world, dim lighting, and the Sleeping Beauty Cottage. From this, I added a darker natural brown tone to the site and image overlay for the page titles.

e-commerce-website-design_Montana-573x1024 Mountain Sage Herbals E-Commerce Website Design
Butte-Website-Design-573x1024 Mountain Sage Herbals E-Commerce Website Design
Deer-Lodge_Web-Design-573x1024 Mountain Sage Herbals E-Commerce Website Design