Butte Web Design & Development

Building engaging websites to effectively communicate your company message.

Bringing Butte Montana businesses a modern approach to increase customer reach. Get your business on the web and tap into the online audience.

Each project is given dedicated time to site conceptualizing, planning, designing, and developed using web developing best practices. Your website will be compatible with popular browsers, desktop, tablet, and phone sizes. I take pride in designing and developing beautiful high-quality websites that you will be proud to show off.

Highly customizable and user-friendly websites.

The primary platform I use for building websites is WordPress. By choosing this platform, we can design and plan for virtually any type of website. I’m confident your website can be customized to suit your needs. Not to mention WordPress is the most popular content management system used to power over 31% of the web! There’s a reason why that many people are choosing WordPress as their content management system. The platform is user-friendly and allows website owners to manage their own content easily. Perfect for hands-on Butte business owners.

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Helena-Tourism-Website-Design_Montana Butte Web Design & Development

Butte businesses: Break into the online marketplace with an eCommerce website.

The options are endless; whether your company is a storefront looking to expand orders through an online presence, looking to launch a new business online, sell digital products, or even creating an online learning resource for educational lessons and courses. We can come up with the right options to get you in the eCommerce marketplace.

I primarily use WooCommerce to build most of my eCommerce websites due to its highly customizable features. I also have experience building on Shopify for larger sized businesses. Each platform is user-friendly, powerful, and can accomplish almost any eCommerce needs.


Feel free to ask me anything about my Butte web design & development services in the contact form – or email me at info@valeriemannedesign.com