5 Tips to Improve your Website During Spare Time


This article was put together as a friendly reminder to review your website during spare time and learn how you can improve it. Read these tips and know what to look for when updating your website!

5-Tips-to-Improve-your-Website-During-Spare-Time-1 5 Tips to Improve your Website During Spare Time

1. Review and refresh your content

It’s easy to put off reviewing your website when business is booming and you are focused on other aspects of running your business. However, you should always be trying to find ways to improve your website during spare time. Whether it’s once a year, once a quarter, or even more frequently. If you haven’t reviewed your website in over a year, now is a great time to read it with fresh eyes. You want to make sure your pages are effectively conveying your services or products to your audience and seamlessly direct them to what they’re interested in learning more about. In addition to making sure your website is easy to navigate and understand, it’s a good idea to refresh imagery on your page to keep things fresh and current.

A few items to consider when reviewing your website: 

  1. Does it read clearly and make you sound like an expert in your profession?
  2. Is it easy to navigate? 
  3. Does it have calls-to-action that help accomplish your website goals?  
  4. Does it look good on mobile phones? 
  5. Is the text structure easy to follow? 

These are just a few things to consider when reviewing your website.

2. Double-check all your features are working properly

Technology is continuously improving, and if you have a CMS website (WordPress, Drupal…) you will notice prompts to update your website. These updates ensure you have the latest features available, updates to security, and improvements to performance optimization. After you run updates, you should check that your website features work as some settings may have been changed during the updates.

Features you should check periodically:

  1. Contact forms – are they sending to your email or are you getting an error when submitting?
  2. E-commerce purchasing – are emails sending to both the buyer and seller? Make sure no errors occur during the process.
  3. Other third party features such as Instagram feeds that display posts on your website – Social media channels continuously change the rules for how their content connects with your website. 

3. Review Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics can give you insightful data on how people use your website, how they flow through the pages, where your audience is from, how they are finding your website, and more. Google Analytics is a powerful tool you can use to help form a strategy for your business. Best yet – it’s FREE. All you need to do is set up your own Google Analytics account and add their tracking code to your website header. 

I personally like seeing how people flow through my website and try to find ways to keep the user flowing through the different pages.

google-analytics_user-flow 5 Tips to Improve your Website During Spare Time

4. Learn about SEO for your website

SEO is a hot topic when it comes to website design, and for good reason: it’s how you increase chances that people find your website. If you want your website to come up for certain keywords you have to optimize your content for Google to find you and determine if you’re credible enough to earn a spot on the front page. Keep in mind SEO isn’t something that turns results overnight, but is an ongoing process as Google’s algorithm changes. The more you learn and implement ways to improve your website rank for certain keywords, the better your website can work for you.

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5. Ask others to give their insight

If you are having a hard time finding ways to improve your website in spare time, kindly ask a friend or someone in your network to review your website and give you feedback. Besides Google Analytics – having direct feedback can be a powerful resource to know what you should improve on.

If you are looking for an expert to help point out what areas your website does well in and what could use improvement – contact me for a website consultation